Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum

Great Lake Shipwreck Museum

Whitefish Point, situated at Lake Superior’s southeastern extremity, serves as a crucial navigational landmark for vessels entering and exiting the lake, boasting the oldest operational lighthouse on Lake Superior, established in 1849 and rebuilt in 1861. Notorious for its treacherous waters, Whitefish Point is part of Lake Superior’s Shipwreck Coast, with over 200 major shipwrecks nearby, including the legendary 1975 sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald, just 15 miles away.


  • Public Washrooms
  • Paved Parking Lot
  • Paved Road
  • Handicap Accessible


18335 N Whitefish Point Rd, Paradise, MI 49768, United States.

Latitude: 46.7706197, Longitude: -84.9581196

Contact Info

  • Phone: 906-635-1742
  • Toll Free: 888-492-3747
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