Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to wear a helmet?

You must wear a helmet when riding in Ontario and Minnesota. Helmets are required in Michigan for all riders under 21 and in Wisconsin for all riders under the age of 18.

For more information on helmet laws in:

  • Ontario, please click here
  • Michigan, please click here
  • Minnesota, please click here
  • Wisconsin, please click here

Exemptions to the Ontario helmet law apply for Sikh riders who meet the requirements of the Highway Traffic Act click here

Should I book accommodations before leaving?

You are encouraged to book your accommodation in advance to make sure you can stay in your location of choice, especially during the busy summer months.

Visit our Plan Your Trip guide, select your route and easily add accommodation options to your Route Plan so that you can call or book your accommodation online in advance of your trip. 

What currency should I bring?

We encourage you to bring both American and Canadian currencies/cash during your trip. Most areas will accept both, but in some locations (even close to the border) they may only accept American currency. 

What are the speed limits?

Remember that when travelling on either side of the border, the speed limits will change. In the U.S., you will travel per mile, while in Canada you will travel per km. 

Should I have traveller’s insurance?

Insurance is an important thing to have when you’re travelling out of state, province or country, as healthcare is different, well, everywhere. In case of injury, be sure you can cover medical expenses. 

Will my cell phone work in Canada or the United States?

Contact your cell phone service provider before you leave the country to ensure you have access to cell service. You can purchase international plans. However, be mindful that some areas along the route are rural and cell service may cut in and out. But no worries, it will be temporary!

What will the road conditions be like?

Bridge Tolls, Wait Times, and Road Status

The Sault Ste. Marie International Bridge requires a toll paid on the U.S. side. It’s easiest to pay with U.S. cash. You can check for wait times, bridge cams, and other pertinent information on these websites:

Sault Ste. Marie International Bridge
Grand Portage/Pigeon River Border Crossing

Road conditions are very important and because you’re using a lot of roadways in 2 different countries, status may vary. The route is designed to remain on a paved highway with the best scenery but we don’t always know what road work is happening. See below links to highway information regarding road closures, detours, construction and accidents. 

What is the best map to bring?

We recommend that you Order A Free Ride Lake Superior Map.

Order Your Ride Lake Superior Map